Why watching your breath is the common denominator for meditation


If you have been practicing meditation for some time or learning how to meditate or just curious about meditation in general, you must have heard about watching your breath during meditation.

Why watching your breath is the common denominator for meditation. The reason in my mind is multiple, and while meditation you can focus on these 10 points  with regard to breathing

 (1)  breathing is a rhythmic process and hence can regulate our thoughts during meditation  

(2) if you imagine a fish inside the water and is essential for the survival of the fish, similar is our situation where if we went into the water or were chucked out into space without oxygen we would be like fish out of the water  

(3) breathing gives us the connection from inside the body to something outside the body  

(4) breathing is related to our essential life force and the prana so connecting life to the process 

(5) breathing provides us with oxygen which is required by every cell in our body to survive

(6) breathing also helps us get rid of carbon monoxide which is waste and toxic 

(7) breathing is what differentiates a living human from a dead person 

(8) reduces stress 

(9) lowers blood pressure  

(10) lowers heart rate 

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