The entire Universe is vibrating, forming patterns with its endless billions of Galaxies with billions of stars in each


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OK. So today's topic. Big one. About the Universe. OK.

The other day I saw a video of an experiment or a demo of how small particles on a metallic table were forming amazing geometric patterns when the table was vibrating with sound generated by the conductor of the experiment. The particles respond to the vibrations and form patterns. 

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What we see here is the particles are responding to the frequencies and wave patterns. This is probably an explanation of how the entire universe as we know it and beyond, is actually vibrating and responding to some frequencies unknown to us and thereby creating all these myriads of patterns that we see across the observed Universe. We see galaxies floating around, spinning, galaxies colliding, supernovas, black holes, and all such mostly unexplained motion and patterns. 

The fascinating part is that there are Eastern philosophies which the sages mentioned many years ago after their deep meditation and realizations that it is the Cosmic Dance. The entire Cosmos is said to be vibrating and dancing to some frequencies.

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This is very mind-boggling. I think the human mind like any other living being on this planet has limitations on what it can comprehend. Certain things are beyond the power of comprehension for the human mind. This seems to be one of those concepts where I think the human mind will probably never be able to understand these frequencies vibrating across the dark matter and changing the patterns of the unending number of Galaxies.

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November 2020
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