The human mind cannot comprehend the absolute and eternal truth as it is beyond human - Hamsters and Galaxies



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OK. So today's topic. What the human mind cannot comprehend although it thinks it can and tries to do that.

This thought or concept is also a topic of discussion in many spiritual circles, religions, or now social media groups even. This is the topic of humans trying to achieve enlightenment or in a sense the full understanding of the eternal universal truth of existence.

I will just share my thoughts and as well tell you a story which is a true story and actually an event or incident really in my life with my kids when they were small and this made me realize this limitation of the human mind.

When my kids were around 6-7 years old, we bought a couple of hamsters/guinea pigs from the pet store and brought them home. They lived in a cage about a couple of feet wide and maybe a couple of feet high and maybe three feet long. Inside they had their food tray, a water bottle, and a playground with a hamster-wheel to run or spin. Then after keeping them for a few months as the kids were not playing with them anymore and they were difficult for us to maintain we decided to give them to another family friend of ours who had kids slightly younger than ours and they were really excited to get the hamsters. So one evening we picked up the cage with the food and water and everything and drove from the city of Fremont in California to San Jose another city about 30 miles away. At a friend of ours, we carried the cage in and put it somewhere near their living room and their children were really excited. Then here is the critical realization, I looked at the hamsters in the cage - for them, NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Can they even know the fact that they were in a different city or the name of the city or such? Although we went from Fremont to San Jose, we knew it and the kids knew it and my kids were sad and the friend's kids were happy but for the hamsters - they were still running around the cage, drinking water, nibbling the food as if everything was the same. And it was the same for them, they did not care if they were in a different city and a different home, as long as they got their food and water!

So what we realize is that human beings are no different! We are just a little bit more evolved but that does not mean we can possibly know things like the mystery behind the entire Universe and the Eternal Truth and such as those are things that are beyond our capacity.

 Thanks for your time. Enjoy!

Best wishes.

Lots of love and best regards,
- Neel

November 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii.


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