You get what you already have & You lose what you never had !

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Hope you all are doing well in this month of August 2020. 

I am Neel and I have created some of these videos on topics that interest me in different aspects of life and some folks and friends have been asking me to continue posting these videos.

Today I am simply sharing some thoughts with regard to the often used term "searching for yourself" or something similar to that effect. This is a topic discussed in many or maybe every book or article or conversation about the subject of spirituality, or self realization or even meditation and such.

When I traveled to Rishikesh or even when I just traveled alone, some people were curious and they asked me - are you searching for yourself? I did not really know the answer, because I never thought of it that way , although I had heard the phrase before I never gave it much thought.

I happened to come across something related to this concept of search in the spiritual context and there was this idea that I think is the answer to the question. In other words it is the question as well as the answer in itself.  

The message or the idea is :  You get what you already have & You lose what you never had !

Now what does this mean ? As I mentioned this is a question as well as the answer to this search question or searching dilemma.

What this means in concise simplistic terms is that the goal of this search of spiritual self i.e. finding oneself is realization that everything that you are seeking is actually in you . It is actually the real  Soul or Spirit or Atman or the Consciousness or part of the Universal Consciousness which is your core.   So it is already there and you already have it . It is not something to be found outside. 

Now the second part of the sentence is that - you lose what you never had. Now that part is probably more confusing. What it means is that you would lose the false ego the false idea , the false identity of yourself or the about the world which is actually just an illusion so it is not real and you never had that thing or those things.  The illusion is also called Maya in  the Vedic scriptures.  So the idea is to lose the this Maya or come out of this Illusion.  That is the process of self realization.

O.K. This is a topic which can fill up libraries...I just wanted to share this and keep it short.  

Thanks for your time. Enjoy!

Best wishes.

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- Neel

August 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii.


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