"Have a nice day, unless you have other plans " - Happiness is a decision !

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Happiness is a decision !

If one makes that statement then most people would get surprised. They would not agree. But this is actually a truth which is expressed in different forms by most of the biggest religions of the world as well as the spiritual leaders. motivational speakers and thinkers. The words might not exactly be the same but in essence they mean the same thing.  
All of the above people that I mentioned i.e.  from the motivational speakers who are professionals making money to the holy sages living in a mountain cave without money  are actually saying the same thing in different ways.

We can make a conscious choice to be happy. Yes!

The trick is a combination of the following ideas ( and many more...)
    - think less about ourselves as being the focus.
    - understand that life is a combination of good and bad times
    - there are rainy days in addition to sunny days
    - there is a shadow behind the light always coexisting
    - there is good and bad as that is the nature of this universe
    - every human being goes thru changes , no one is always happy
    - feel gratitude to the fact that you are still alive
    - feel gratitude for all the people, place, things around you 
    - ... and many such more ...

Lots of love and best regards,
- Neel

July 2020
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