Being vulnerable - a way to happiness !

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Being vulnerable - a way to happiness !

Hi folks! Aloha! Namaste!

I want to talk about happiness today. 

Who does not want to talk about it. Who does not want happiness? 

This is perhaps the single thing that everyone in the world want to achieve, as a purpose although they might not define it that way. But everyone wants to be happy. It is said that John Lennon the musician philosopher from Beatles, when he was a little boy in school was asked by the teacher to write what he wanted to become when he grew up. Everyone wrote about being a engineer or doctor or such profession but Lennon wrote ' to be happy'.

What I am saying here today will be quite a surprise to most people as this is not per conventional wisdom.  OK. It is is that  "vulnerability" and being vulnerable ie opening yourself up to the things that makes you feel  exposed and  also exposing yourself to things that make you angry ,  or sad, or conscious ,  or bring you some shame are actually in the long term and in the broader perspective of things make you happier. 

This was a subject of research and there is a wonderful TED talk by a researcher and speaker named Brene Brown available on this topic. I would recommend you watch it.

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What it actually means is that by taking risks and actively 'not playing it safe' rather than just playing safe is what eventually leads to happiness.

It is possibly hard and uncomfortable to open yourself up and to feel exposed but it is also a source of  power.

Being authentic  is closely related to vulnerability and being who you are will also lead you to  happiness.

Lots of love and best regards,