My trip to Hawaii - Nov 2018

November 2018

I Was actually thinking of places to retire. Then thought of places to try out maybe temporarily relocate. Southern Europe definitely on my list. I already visited earlier this year. One month in Spain and Portugal.   Visa etc are an issue over there though for long term stays.
Check my blog on that trip. 

So for now within US I thought Hawaii would be a cool place too. As it is hot always not cool actually literally :)  I was thinking of moving my neels-nirvana yoga-music-meditation holistic wellness startup to Hawaii. I also want to try and earn money while I initially move there utilizing my tech experience.So I talked to some tech recruiters. I decided to make a trip to Hawaii in Nov'18. This was my 3rd trip to Hawaii. First trip was in 2008 (I think) to Maui. Second trip was in 2010 (I think again) to Oahu/Honolulu.

I bought a one-way ticket to Honolulu and with no specific plan other than a plan to also visit the Big Island.

Different areas I visited and their pics are below.

Some photos of the Waikiki area :

Pics of Downtown historical Honolulu

Some of the beaches , and shores of Oahu island

Diamond Head peak near waikiki

Hanauma Bay ( famous for snorkeling)

Buddhist Temple and Cemetery , Oahu 

Big Island.    Kona Airport  and downtown

At a Kirtan meet up in Honolulu !!

Driving to the Northernmost point in Oahu island from the West side coast.