A letter from father to daughter - Anecdotes & some thoughts at her high school graduation

Dear Jiti,

Today you are graduating from the prestigious Mission San Jose High School, As I was thinking about your graduation today and your next phase of life in college, I was constantly reminded of  our days together even before you started kindergarten and you were a baby.

I remember coming back from work and picking you up in my arms ( kolle kolle :)) and walk down the street Jovan Tr  to the mailbox every evening. You wanted to carry the mail back to the house and you would hold on to all of it tightly. and perfectly.

I remember at night before bedtime when we would read books together with your brother Drishan, you were so competitive and started reading real early maybe by 2.5 years of age. I would also ask you things like the sounds different animals make and you were so smart to quickly give an answer every time.
If you did not know the answer, you would make it up like - if I asked you "what does the pig say?" and if you forgot "Oink Oink" you would still answer saying "Pig, Pig" !

I remember since you started reading at such an early age, by 3 or 3.5 years of age you were an avid and voracious reader. I would take you to the bookstores in Fremont when they existed ( Borders , Barnes & Noble) on weekend afternoons and you would read 20 or more books in one sitting and you would come back to me to show me the books you  honestly read.

Then the kindergarten and elementary school days started. You were always happy and excited to go to school. You would push me to be more punctual and you had good attendance records. Sometimes during your Forest Park Elementary school days i would see you playing with many friends in the school playground.

I remember the time when you broke your wrist bones while playing as you fell from the monkey bars and you had to get the arm plastered. You were also learning piano at that time and even with the plastered wrist your piano teacher  ( remember ace note :)  said you were such a quick learner.

You also sang on stage with other kids in Indian cultural events. Do you remember "Aye Re Chhute aye pujor gondho eshechhe "  or "Makdi " songs.  with 2 other girls of the same age. You sang so well.

Around the same time I also remember one time while biking in the Coyote hills reserve  you fell from the bike on an incline at high speed and broke a number of your front teeth.

After that I feel the years flew by so fast . It almost feels like a time warp.

From more recent past, I remember teaching you driving. This was when you were 15.5 yrs or so. You would be excited and looking forward to it on weekend mornings and we would drive to the Ohlone College parking lot to practice. I taught you the toughest things first like 'parking ' within the lines etc. You would get angry at me for that but I knew that you could learn the easier things very easily.
Do you remember the first time you drove all the way to the Newpark shopping mall and two other lady drivers collided when you whizzed past them  in the parking lot area?

 Now that 12 years of schooling and 18 years of life has passed and you are graduating high school you will be onto bigger things like college , university, work-life and without your parents monitoring you.  Although as parents we will always be concerned and try to assist you, guide you,  and be protective of you because we love you.
But - its the circle of life!

There is nothing that you lack. You are one of the smartest people I have seen ( and I have seen many people). You are beautiful. Above all you have a kind heart and good moral values.
( Maybe you got the good genes from parents :))  What else do you need !!

Just follow your passion and try to "make the world a better place". If you are trying to figure out life goals and  purpose - this is always one of the best goals to reach for.

Lots and lots of love and hugs!
Love you!