Grass is always greener on the other side -- my first trial ToastMaster speech#1

Speech #1 :  The grass is always greener on the other side

Thank you Mr. Toastmaster, dear fellow members and guests,

As you all know the state of California has been suffering from severe drought this year as well as the last few years. The hills and fields are brown and not green, there are severe water usage restrictions imposed by the cities but the other day I happened to look across my fence and noticed that my neighbor’s lawn was greener than mine. Maybe he was not following the guidelines or maybe its just that ‘the grass is always seems greener on the other side’  J  The interesting thing is that I do feel the same way every once in a while and it has helped shape where I live, my work and career and my life in general J
How did it affect where I live ? Well, I was born in India and came from a pretty close knit family . I had 3 other siblings. We were again part of a larger family with cousins and uncles and aunts.  In the days before the internet I looked via Movies,  TV and Radio and friends and relatives etc  I did not look across the fence …I looked across the oceans ….  to the land of opportunity – America!  And I could definitely see the greener dollar bills. This was the driver for me to migrate to the US which I did many   years ago , well more than 20 years ago !
In the same token, the greener grass or dollar also made me choose the career I am in. I studied physics and then management and then started off my career in sales and marketing department, but noticed how greener the software technology and high-tech field was. I noticed how IT consultants were jetsetting all over the world. I also have an older brother who was already in this field and he was traveling all over the world for projects. . I knew then I had to switch to IT and travel the world. 

Now I have been in this industry for more than 20 years  and my kids are in high school and I own a house and cars and all the  American Dream items
( …oops did I disclose my age ? )
Now I am again at the point of envying greener grass. Interesting that green is also the color of envy.  I am thinking of whether I can consider spending more time not working in the technology field and also not living in the US.  I am considering whether it makes sense to go back to my country of origin or split my time somehow between the two countries.  I am thinking whether to pursue my passion for music. I would like to travel more and see the world.  I would like to work in a charitable and social work related organization. I say it’s the thinking of greener grass again but the motivation being not money but self actualization type of need in the human hierarchy of needs.

 Do you see greener grass ? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Is it an illusion ? I am ready to water my lawn and make it greener ….are you ?

The "Empty Nest" Syndrome ..... but where is the "free bird" now ? & when does that phase/time start ?

The "Empty Nest"  Syndrome ..... but where is the "free bird" now ?   & when does that phase/time start ?

Kids are in high school ...or early college.  Do they need you now ? Yes - they do ( of course ...they are not earning yet ).  But do they want to be with you given a choice ? They have their whole life unfolding in front of them.. They are working through hundreds of their own issues - with friendships ,  school , tests, career choices....They are building a life. You love them , they love you. But you are probably not high on their list of priorities...