Destiny or Free Will ? …..thinking of galaxy collisions today ….

Destiny or Free Will ?  
This question has come up in our minds time and again. 

I was recently reading an article about Galaxies and that triggered this question again in my mind!
The article was about our galaxy ( The Milky Way)  is on a path and destined (!) to collide with another galaxy ( The Andromeda) … is our destiny ( right !!??!!)…....although the collision will occur about 4 billion years from now!

To try and understand from a perspective of the number of stars in each galaxy:
-          Our galaxy contains ( according to scientists !) about  three hundred billion stars , that is eleven zeros after 3.  Our sun is one star on the outer edges of our galaxy.
-          The other galaxy the Andromeda is supposed to be home for about one trillion stars
The impact obviously unknown but it is our DESTINY – correct?

There is a lot of details in terms of assumptions , thoughts and predictions on this available. One of the outcomes is that the ‘Solar System’ might be thrown out of  both and the combined galaxies into some space between galaxies !!!ooops!!

The good thing is ( or the bad thing !) is that by the time that the two galaxies collide, the surface of the Earth will have already become far too hot for liquid water to exist, ending all terrestrial life, which is currently estimated to occur in about 1.4 billion years due to gradual bloating and expansion of the Sun. 

So if All life will end on earth anyway in about a billion years and humans we can estimate most likely will be eliminated much earlier than that ….why worry!
But – that brought me to the question of  Destiny or Free Will !!!

To be continued……