Song Upload - Kites - Zindagi Do Pal ki

Song Upload -  Kites -  Zindagi Do Pal ki


Nilanjan (Neel) Sarkar

Bollywood movie with female only lead role - no other stars - but huge success!

Recently saw a new Bollywod release, movie Kahaani, and one thing came to strike me as this is the only Bollywood movie that I can recall with female only lead role - no other stars - but huge success!  both from the critics as well as ticket sales and common public popularity...

The main lead role is a female role and there are no other major roles or stars in the movie.  Vidya Balan did a wonderful job in the lead role.  She gets full credit for that, but the story / script also has a huge role to play in this. The suspense is always there throughout the film and I would think the credit definitely goes to the story/script writer in this case.

Vidya Balan in the lead role as Vidya (aka Bidya in  bangla) does an amazing job blending completely into the character. The realistic shots on location also makes this movie very interesting especially to one who has never seen Kolkata or most of common Indian streets...

I was surprised to hear superstar Big B  Amitabh Bachchan  singing Rabindra Sangeet in the end.  He did a wonderful job singing it. The pronunciation had certain hindi accent and could have been polished a bit but Mr Bachchan as always is an amazing performer and I think he is a wonderful and gifted singer as well !!! His singing seems to be improving every time..