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lndian Classical Music --- Learning - Practice - Riyaz

Off late I am being asked by a lot of my friends and acquaintances about the process of learning Indian (hindustani ) classical music and how-to questions on practice and  "Riyaz".

This is a very inner "experience" oriented topic. There are no hard and fast rules or reccommendations that I can provide. I can only talk about my experiences.

First point I would like to make is that a good teacher ( "guru" ) is very important. You definitely cannot learn Indian 'Hindutani" classical music just by listening to audio or even just by watching Videos.  Note that I said "just by" , you can learn a lot from listening or watching ....but in addition to that....to be really able to learn the structure and complexities , you do need a Guru.

Second point is that regular practice ( "riyaz" ) is equally important. This is true for any kind of music hindustani vocals or karnatic ( south indian ) vocals or even same applies for any instruments practice for instrumental music or even any other type of music be it western classical or rock or hip-hop.

What is "Riyaz" -

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Wall Street Protests .... rebels...revolution... capitalism...change is the only constant !!

.................to be continued................

While reading about the recent protests on Wall Street and the movement which is picking up steam ( as I write this in  Oct 2011 ) I was thinking  about the phrase or saying which is " Change only constant !"

We had different form of government and economic-political systems in this world. In the modern world at least we know of feudalistic - monarchy based ; socialistic - communistic based ; capitalistic .....to name a few main ones.

What if we come together and form a newer system which has not been named yet ? It might happen or it might not. I do not know and I am sure no one knows, although the pundits and the so called "experts" like economists or 'Wall Street Analysts" would like to show off their 'expertness' and education or foresight by predicting thing to come in our near future, my thought is that we  DO NOT KNOW !

One thing we can see is that the average American ( and also now it is global movement ) who is educated, works ( or has worked ) for corporate America has now realized the fallacies and deep rooted issues ( other word for problems) with the capitalistic/American-corporation/Wall-Street  form or economic-political system.

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