The world wide pandemic of 2020 - Corona Virus - March 19th 2020 - a thought

The world wide pandemic of 2020  - Corona Virus    -  March 19th 2020 -  a thought 

The global pandemic of this Corona Virus that started in China in 2019 has now spread all over the world pretty much.

The though I had is that we are all so connected in today's world. The entire human race has come together to fight this invisible enemy. All the countries are now desperately trying to figure out way to fight this pandemic. 

But in a sense it makes us united.

Humans and animals and nature we are all connected. 
Even if we find a cure in the USA and we try to cure the diseased or we find a vaccine and use the vaccine in the USA , the rest of the world also has to be vaccinated. If we do not do that then the virus can affect someone in Africa for example and again come back to the other parts of the world. 

So we have to fight this as a team as one world as humanity !

Watch the short extempore video that I created  below : 

 Sharing a thought- Oneness -Corona Covid pandemic - March 2020

Namaste !

- Neel

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