Self Help - you are fine ? FORCE yourself

I like browsing Self-Help books , articles, videos etc . 

Some tips that hopefully you will find helpful.

Here is one major idea that I found useful   - 
Most people are too  lazy to take the effort to change.  Its a reality ...

They wish they would change but would say they are FINE with the way things are although they are not really happy. 
They need to FORCE themselves.
We need to FORCE ourselves out of it the laziness. 

To try out suggestion is to set the alarm of 30 mins earlier and see if we are indeed making the effort to change habits and really wake up at the earlier hour - just as an example of forced change.

Create a weekly progress report - even if you are the only reader !
Most jobs require a weekly ( or monthly) report of some kind that you provide to your boss.
Most schools and colleges will also provide you with a weekly (or monthly)  report  of your academic performance.
Similarly - in your life wherever you are you have some goals and accomplishments, so to track your progress !
Even if you are the creator of the report as well as the recipient of the report - both - you still create the report with at least the following 
    --  Achievements of the last week
    --  Plan for the following week
    --  Overall goals objectives 
    --  any issues problems etc

- Neel Sarkar

meditation - trying to be empty inside

...the doing of not doing is the greatest doing...
...the effort of effortlessness is greatest effort ...
...meditation is when meditator is not...
... you must be empty then only you are full ..
--- from an OSHO speech

This is one of the concepts central to the original yogic and Vedic thoughts.
Merging oneself with the Universe is the core thought.

But - How to do it is the difficulty.
We create ourselves as separate from everything else and that is the idea of the Self or the Ego.
Dissolving the Ego brings about this feeling of emptiness inside, but here this emptiness inside is not sadness or unhappy it is actually the real happiness because then the self is no longer small it is broad and wide and trying to merge with the limitless universe !

- Neel Sarkar