Science and Spirituality

Every human being , every animal, every plant, all the mountains, lakes, oceans...ok..every object, Every atom , every planet , every star, every galaxy, every thing in this ever expanding universe... including light , sound, electromagnetic waves, all energy ................... all came from one single point ....according to the big bang theory we all are from one source one point one thing......

Science and spiritualism gets merged..... Because everything came from one point means that all space and time also came from that unexplained point or the birth of this is said as per this theory.... That even all thoughts from all individuals past present and future are also part of this universe and are all connected and came from the one common point......

Yup....earrth is a small part of it ....if u consider the entire universe including things like light and magnetism and gravitational forces ....all generated from one point out of nowhere....I like reading about these ..not necessarily understand :)

Talking about Kids education - schooling testing - who knows what is best ?

I have been recently getting stressed out trying to get kids ready for their annual tests a.k.a STAR tests here in California.  I can see that parents are more stressed these days than the students. Maybe this is only true of Indian community as I belong to that community here ! Or maybe it is an issue with Asian families including folks originated from India, China , Japan, Korea or such ?   Or ...wait..maybe it is an issue with the immigrant community in this country ? Hmmm... again not all immigrants ! there are immigrants from Mexico and Puerto Rico and many other countries where things are a bit different amongst the immigrant communities per my understanding...
So what is the issue ? Is it a compound effect of multiple factors as stated above ? namely effect of factors including nationality of origin,  immigration ,  education level of the parents and maybe a myriad of other factors.
Coming back to the issue of kids and parents stress levels because of upcoming tests, is that an expected  reaction ? I know that if I ask this question to folks like my friends or such , their response would be that this is normal. But I agree this is normal but is that an expected behavior  from the system per se ?
It is said that a little amount of stress is good so maybe that is what it is is good up to a certain extent..
Again the question arises - how do we define the "little" amount of stress ? How do we decide to what extent ?