My Music - while growing up - childhood days

What genre can I call the music that influenced me while growing up......
OK let me think of what I recall of the music I would hear at home and around the community . They were - Hindi Film ( Filmi ) Songs or now known as Bollywood music, Bangla songs both Adhunik and Film ( will talk about these categorizations soon) , Rabindra Sangeet , Ghazals,  Hindustani Classical Khayal Thumri etc,  and some British and less of American folk and rock songs.

To be continued ....

Born in Bhilai ... where in the world is Bhilai ?

Where in the world is Bhilai ? Well today you can go to your web browser and Google Bhilai. But this was a question I was asked by folks like family members whom I would meet during holidays when I was in elementary school or 'Primary' school as we used to know it. As you can tell these were days before the Web. Before the Web Browser wars, before the Internet , even before Notebooks , Laptops or Personal Computers. Sounds like a long long time ago ...once upon a time...well  the time I am talking about is the  early 70s.
Well, forget about Internet or personal computers, we did not have a Television ! Really ?? Yes - there was no TV broadcasts in India during those days! you know Bhilai is in India.  India is a conglomeration of different states and  the number of states keeps changing as the political parties and people's thinking keeps changing!
OK the state in which Bhilai exists was also non-existent when I was born. Bhilai was in a state of India called Madhya Pradesh, which has subsequently been divided and now the city belongs to the fresh newly formed state of Chhattisgarh.
Going back to the technology discussion, talking about TV , we did not have one untill most of our neighbors anf friends and family had TVs and that was in the early-mid 80s. Can you imagine it was nearly the end of my teenage years when we finally got a TV at home.

To be continued ...